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Elites - a Small Group of Powerful People

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The elite are a small group of powerful people who has wealth, political power or skill in a society and social stratification is a system by which a society divides people in a hierarchy where some groups have higher status, power and wealth. Elites should maintain their standard in society (Khan, 2012). The ways to maintain are (Elwell, 2013):

Controlling People's idea:

The first way to maintain stratification by elites is by controlling people's idea. To control people's idea the elites used some strategy. They made believe that king authority are the order of Gods. If one doesn't follow the king then they will be punished by God and it is sign of sin. This is how they have controlled people's mind where there is no need of physical treatment.

Controlling information:

Controlling information is another way to maintain elites their position. In this method, there is control over information. As an example: North Korea has banned all kinds of internet where information could not flows within the citizen. So that the citizen will be unknown about rest of the world and about the leader of the country and the thing the leader does for welfare of them.

Stifling Criticism:

Elites used fear to stop criticism against them. Nobody can tolerate criticism so elites found best way to be free from criticism and that's

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